Gaming that comes from the expert opinions and ideas can never compromise in fun and excitement. Similar is the feeling with Fusion 3, one of the perfect games for a store. Fusion 3 imbibes a complete package of entertaining gaming experiences and total fun, at the next level! This brand new gaming skill comes with a total of 5 game multi-pack that is full of exciting games at various levels. The entire game set includes games like- the classic game style of nudge titles Princess of the Nile, Midnight Wolf, Great American Racing, Mountain of Fire PLUS and not to forget the all new Hot Swap game-Vegas Magic. It’s going to be a fun-filled package opting for this amazing set of games for grocery store or entertainment space.

Pennsylvania skills offers a well-equipped gaming setup collaborated with Fusion 3 to entertain the customers at your space. These gaming machines come with slick and innovative designs for an aesthetic suitability and enjoyment, making it suitable fit amongst the choice of slot machine for bars, as well. The game setup additionally features a set of exciting bonuses that work over a 32” vertical monitor. Fusion 3 has proved to be a winner amongst the other games in the lot. This makes it a must-have addition to your place.

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FUSION 3– Fusion 3 raises the bar for enjoyable gaming to a whole new level! The legendary nudging games Princess of the Nile, Midnight Wolf, Great American Racing, and Mountain of Fire are all included in this brand-new 5-game multi-pack, along with the brand-new Hot Swap title Vegas Magic. These chic and cutting-edge layouts offer fun additional activities that function on a 32″ vertical monitor. Fusion 3 is an essential addition to your location and a tried-and-true winner!

The Diamond Skill Games Fusion 3 Multi Game board by Pennsylvania Skill Games has VGA graphics.  This game is a 5-in-1 touchscreen multi-game.  Our Vertical Screen Diamond Fusion Machine is perfect for this game. Other distinct game features include configurable jackpots, tiered big win tally animation, and optional Spinning Reels or Shutters.

Fusion 3

You will like what Diamond Game has now made if you liked Fusion 1 and Fusion 2, and we are thrilled that Fusion 3 Pennsylvania Skill game is here! We provide the best, 100% legal skill games that Pennsylvania has allowed. Check out the Diamond Fusion 3 Skill Game. There are undoubtedly some of the best games in this game. On our website, you may get more details.


Diamond Skill Games  Fusion 3 Multi Game board.

Game manual.

1-year warranty.


Market Price- INR $4,995.00

·         Standard 36/10 Pin Cherry Master Harness or 28 pin Pot-O-Gold Harness (additional adapter needed +$75).

·         5-in-1 Nudge Game.

o   Princess of the Nile

o   Midnight Wolf

o   Vegas Magic

o   Mountain of Fire

o   Great American Racing

·         VGA graphics.

·         Reels or shutters.

·         Touchscreen only.

·         Configurable jackpots.

·         Each game has its own features and bonuses.

·         Gameplay displays on a vertical monitor.

About the Games

These games are a sensation among gamers right now! Here is some detail about the games.

Great American Racing

This slot game has a number of Racing cars with different values for each. There are payouts and bonuses according to a particular sequence or pattern that comes on the screen. There are 4 by 3 reels that spin on the screen every time you spin.

Midnight Wolf

The game has 3  by 3 reels that pin on the screen of the machine. The reels have symbols like a dream catcher, wolf, star, BAR, cherries, bell, and more. The symbols are given values as usual and you can earn bonuses up to 9x times. There is a wolf on top of the screen for exciting animations.

Mountain of Fire

This skill game has reels with the symbols like A, K, J, 10, Purple grapes, and more with values written above. The payouts are very rewarding and there are a lot of bonuses too. The graphics and animations of the game are also very cool. It gives ancient vibes.

Why Choose Pennsylvania Skills?

One of the leading game rental companies in the USA is Pennsylvania Skills. The best and most reputable skill-gaming machines in the USA are those made by us. We want to pique the consumer’s interest through our imaginative games by providing them with provided services that include, preferably entertaining, and enjoyment at reasonable prices. Due to recent beneficial legislative changes, we have been able to spend a lot of money presenting the eldest hardware and software to current markets utilizing outdated technology. Our crew takes pride in providing business owners with top-quality customer service and expensive gaming equipment.


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