PLATINUM Skill Game Machine


Platinum comes as the second instalment of dual screen games coming from Banilla games. A descent gaming coverage in the field of skill gaming, this one is for all kinds of players even at the mediocre level. The game set comprises of a 5 game multi-pack that includes a total of 5 nudge games. One can play the league of legends under this game set as per casual players standards. Based on the cognitive and physical skills, players can move to different levels, get free spins to collect points and even win rewards. This dual screen game setup comes with pretty exciting bonuses, free spins, etc. The special features added to this one will keep your excited but this one suitable for the medium level players.

There is always a start to everything! Similar is with this one! So, if your wish to hold on to a setup with used slot machine for bars or slot machines for rent to help you enter the skill gaming zone, this one is for you. Ease to use and access the entire game setup, this gaming machine is as smooth as butter. Touchscreen panels make it easy to play and enjoy the game of your choice. Get it to add enjoyment and entertainment to your space. Explore from our range of best priced and quality entertainment amusement machines & buy slot machine.

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PLATINUM Skill Game Machine– Platinum Skill Machines are some of the most popular gaming machines in the market today from Banilla Games because of the dual screen monitor.

Working of a Platinum Slot Machine

Although every slot machine varies in working and elements, there are still some things that are the same in all the slot machines.


‘Spin the Reels’ is a common term used in any casino or Slot machine setting. Reels are the horizontal or columns on your slot machine. There are several icons or symbols on the reels depending on which game you are playing. Some slot games have only 8 reels while others have 5, 7, or even 9 reels. After you spin, you need to get a particular combination of the symbols on the reels to win the game r hit the jackpot.


A payline is a combination that can help you win the game. You will notice numbers indicated on either game edge in any slot machine game you play. Rows of a payline cross the slot reels from left to right. Paylines can also have symbols in a single row or in alternating rows.


These are the icons that the game’s reels will spin. Symbols will undoubtedly vary based on the game you’re playing. For instance, if you’re playing slots with a sports theme, the symbols will correspond to the topic of that particular sport.
The icons have various values, and by aligning specific symbols, you can receive payouts in accordance with their values. Higher payments are correlated with high symbol values, but the reverse is also true. Some symbols, however, have extra features like bonuses, wild cards, and free spins.


These are the icons that are on the game’s reels. The symbols vary according to the game you are playing. Like if you play a game related to sports, the reels will have symbols related to the sports theme. Each icon has a different value and aligning them in particular order results in payouts according to their values. High-value symbols mean a higher payout and vice versa is also true—however some symbols bonuses, wilds, or free spins instead of a payout.

Payout Tables

The most important aspect of the game is the payout table. You might succeed at slot machine games with pure luck. Flying in blind is not advised, though. Therefore, before playing your preferred game, we suggest that you examine its payoff table.
The table shows which symbols can be combined to form winning combinations or which symbols trigger free spins. The table will also show you your potential winnings from certain combinations, among other things.

Games included in Platinum Skill Games

These are some of the games under Platinum Gaming Machine.

Platinum 1

Platinum 1 is the first game with dual screen installment from Banilla Skill Games. It includes a pack of 6 games, in which there are 3 nudge games and 3 hot swap-style games. These games will definitely keep you on the edge of your gaming chair!

Platinum 2

Platinum 2 is one of the most entertaining Platinum skill games. It consists of Wizard’s Wheel, Nut Shack, Nudge Monkey, Frenzy of the Gods, and Classic Heat. These are some of the best games in the market today. These games are housed in a state-of-the-art sleek metal cabinet with outstanding sound and dual-touch screen monitor gameplay.

Platinum 3

Platinum 3 has raised the bar for dual-screen games! It includes 5 very interesting games- Kitty in the City, Fiery Phoenix, Classic Cash, Safari wilds, and the best game ever, The Big One! All the payouts and wins in these games are equal to, if not greater the play amount. Further, there are a lot of exciting bonus rewards that will keep the players hooked for sure. The features of these games are also very cool and popular among the customers.

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