PLATINUM 2 Skills Game Machine


Games can turn the tables an so it works with the moods, too. If you wish to upraise the moods of folks around you, games like Platinum 2 can be of real hep. Platinum 2 is amongst some of the most finlet worked and compiled games to enjoy to the fullest. Coming up as the second instalment of dual screen games, this one is a fabulous entry coming from Pennsylvania skills. The entire 5 game multi-pack is altogether an amazing way to enjoy and entice multiple players at the same time. Setting up a play area enriched with Platinum 2 is always a win-win situation for all. The game set in total includes 5 nudge games with different levels to complete and earn a lot of rewards, then after. A lot of exciting bonuses and free spins come along with this interactive dual screen game. Enriched with a lot of special features, this game is surely going to keep you at the edge of your playset. Renting slot machines can also be a great way to enjoy and save at the same time with this one.

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Platinum 2– Platinum 2 is a 5 in1 multigame. It uses a video graphics Array. It is a 5 in 1 multigame. It works with a dual LCD Monitor for truly interactive dual screen experience. The games are one of the best sellers in the market today. They are housed in a metal cabinet with outstanding sound and dual-touch screen monitor game play.

Description of Platinum 2


• 5 In 1 Multigame

• Works with Dual LCD Monitors for a truly interactive dual screen experience! Compatible with our Dual Screen Cabinet

• Touchscreen Game

• 1 Line Nudge Games

• On Screen Setup

• Reels or Shutters

• Configurable Jackpots

• 36/10 pin Jamma Harness Ready


It includes Diamond Skill Games Platinum 2 Multi Game board, Game manual, 1 year warranty

Games included in Platinum 2

• Wizard’s Wheel

• Classic Heat

• Nudge Monkey

• Frenzy of the Gods

• Nut Shack

All Three Games Have:

• Free Spins

• Configurable Progressive

• Configurable Reel Spin or Shutter

• Big Win Tally Animation

Tips to play for beginners

Here are some tips for the beginners playing these games.

Beginning of Game

Make sure to get the non-legendary armor with the scholar’s prefix and of time suffix, as you can carry them over through the time warps. Although you cannot get the scholar’s prefix until level 6. Therefore try to find the Learner’s instead.

Also focus that one member of your team should be “sweeper” as they have the power to sweep out all your enemies at once. However that character will need “massive” prefix and “of time” suffix to carry the weapons through the time warps. 

Mid / End Game

After some time start farming some Legendary equipment or a non-legendary strong equipment. Add your weapon with Phasal prefix that is found in the interdimensional Dungeon and Holy War suffix. Additionally, ass your armors with a Phasal prefix and Mastery suffix and atleast have one armor with replenishing suffix to help you survive. Using massive prefix for the weapons is also a good idea leaving the shortcomings.

Find for yourself

Don’t be afraid of experimenting. There are numerous combinations that are beneficial for different situations. Phasal prefix gives you a safe and strong foundation but there are a lot of team setup/modifiers/skillgems combinations that can be very useful when used carefully. You can find a beneficial combination by yourself.

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