FUSION 2 Skill Game Machine


As an expert in delivering the most precise and productive gaming machine setup, Pennsylvania has another class apart entry in the game’s world. Named as Fusion 2, this one is definitely the nextlevel of amazing collection of entertaining games for lounge and associated experiences. Made even more challenging with its enriched features and various levels, this could be your favourite play partner. Easy to use, monitor and control gaming console is the unique feature of the gaming machine. The entire game is a 5 game multi-pack, suitable for multi-user play and access. Fusion 2 consists of 4 Nudge games and 1 Hot Swap game that goes perfect for gamers of different levels and classifications. The game is a gift from Pennsylvania skills as it comes in a pretty slick and innovative design. Compatible to work on a 32” vertical monitor, this one is a beauty that will not just as aesthetically value but enhance the fun time to your place, too.

Get this slot machine for lounge to enhance the entertainment access and value of your place. Fusion 2 gaming machine is a perfect suit for your place when looking for excitement and high energy boosting acts at the same time.

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FUSION 2-The next evolution of enjoyable gaming is Fusion 2! The five-game multi-pack contains one Hot Swap game and four Nudge games. It has an elegant and cutting-edge design that functions on a 32″ vertical monitor. This game is gorgeous and a necessity for you to own!

Description and Specifications

VGA graphics are used in the Diamond Skill Games Fusion 2 Multi Game board by Banilla Games. This touchscreen multi-game is a 5-in-1 game. 4 single-line nudging games and 1 hot swap game are included.

Price– $4,995.00

What’s included?

Diamond Skill Games Fusion 2 with multi games

Games included:

• Bourbon Street Dice

• Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

• Ticket to Ride

• Sparky’s Firehouse

• Kiss me I’m Irish

  1. Standard 36/10 Pin Cherry Master Harness or 28-pin Pot-O-Gold Harness.
  2. 5-in-1 Single line Nudge and Hot Swap Game.
  3. VGA Graphics
  4. Reels and Shutters
  5. Touchscreen only
  6. Configurable jackpots
  7. Gameplay displays on vertical monitors
  8. Each game has its features and bonuses.
  9. Game Manual
  10. 1-Year warranty

Fusion 2

You will like what we have produced now, and we are thrilled that the Fusion 2 Skill Game is available for all of you who liked the Fusion 1 Skill Game from Pennsylvania Diamond Games. Pennsylvania Skills is now offering Fusion 2. We provide all of the dependable skill-gaming devices created in the USA. The games that we think are the greatest anywhere have been highlighted. Some of the best games are available in Fusion 2 Skill Game, and they will undoubtedly keep the players entertained. These games are among the best and most well-liked ones available right now. Visit our website pennsylvaniaskills.com for additional details on the Pennsylvania Skill Games.

Bourbon Street Dice

There are a number of symbols on the reels in Bourbon Street Dice including a masquerade, a clown hat, masks, and more. Each of these symbols contains a certain value. There are Paylines that give different values of the symbols on the reels. There are two different bonuses that give you an extra dice roll and you can multiply your winnings if you get a wild on the reels. You also get your bet back if the symbols in the middle reel align. The most famous Bonus on this game is the 7 bonus across.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll The online slot is a 5-reel, 30-payline video slot game that is inspired by the 1886 release of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel of the same name. Every online slot player can enjoy the very high-quality 3D graphics and impressive jackpots of this slot. Through two bonus rounds, an additional free spins round, and a few unexpected surprises, this interactive takes players on a player-based trip.

The characters created by the author in the novel come to life in the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde slot game because they are depicted in a manner similar to that of modern 3D slot games, which makes the game significantly more realistic than slots with classic, childish visuals. The lab/library of the excellent scientist is where this game is place. While you spin, Dr. Jekyll checks his potions as he moves back and forth between the reels’ opposite sides. The soundtrack is spooky enough to set the mood for this classic science fiction story about a scientist who had the best of intentions until he created a potion that transformed him into a completely different and insane individual. That altered personality is called Mr. Hyde.

Symbols and Payouts

Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde logo, the police, a lock and key, Dr. Jekyll’s house, a fireplace, a newspaper, and a book are all included as symbols in the game. The Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde characters and Wild Hyde are the highest-paid symbols. Only appearing on reels 1, 3, and 5, the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde logo is also a wild symbol. The Red Potion and Blue Potion symbols, which are required to activate free spins via the Potion Meter, are also present.

Why Choose Pennsylvania Skills?

Pennsylvania Skills is one of the top Game Rental companies in the USA. Our machines are the most reliable and trusted skill-gaming machines in the USA.  Through our creatively created games, we hope to capture the interest of the consumer by offering them produced services that include, preferably entertaining, and enjoyment at affordable costs. We have been able to spend a lot of money presenting the most antiquated hardware and software to existing markets using outdated equipment because of recent favorable regulatory changes. Our team takes pride in offering store owners high-paying gaming equipment and top-notch customer service.

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