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Diamond Skill games have never stopped surprising their fans in every possible manner. Once again Diamond Games brings in a fully-equipped gaming skill with its pretty popular Diamond Skill Games 1. This one is altogether a heavy hitter in the entire world of skill-based redemption games. Earn a number of rewards and get to reach the zenith crossing the various levels in the most exciting form with this one. Diamond skill game 1 is a 5 game multi-pack that includes 4 Nudge Games and 1 new Hot Swap Game. These are good enough to woo the gamers around. The Hot Swap game is a new patent in the gaming world so make sure to choose the right icon if you wish to enjoy the actual gaming excitement.

Choose Diamond Skill Games 1 gaming machine to enjoy an all new zone of winning pay line. Enjoy a league of enjoyment and rewards with this one from the Pennsylvania skills. This one is amongst one of the most recognizable and classic game from the league.

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DIAMOND SKILL GAMES 1— the dominant force in the arena of skill-based rewards games! Four Nudge Games and one New Hot Swap Game are included in this 5-game multi-pack. A brand-new invention with a patent application is called “Hot Swap,” in which the player must pick the right icon to finish the right winning pay line.

The configuration of the gaming machines in Pennsylvania is very user-friendly and works nicely with the first version of diamond skill games. If you get a slot machine from us that has an easy-to-use console and a detailed display, it will be even more enjoyable to play the full gaming setup at home. Purchasing this one might be the ideal addition to your home for complete fun and entertainment. Get hold of it right away!

Banilla Game Description:

This 5-Game Multi-pack includes 4 Nudge Games and one New Hot Swap Game. The Hot Swap is a new concept in which the player must choose the correct icon in order to complete the proper winning pay line.

Games Include:

• Searing Sevens

• Bathtime Bucks

• Classic Sevens

• Snake Eyes

• Pedro’s Hot Tamales

 Diamond Skill Games I Features:

Searing Sevens:

• Single Line Nudge

• Wild Icon Feature

• Random Wild Multiplier

Bathtime Bucks:

Bathtime Bucks is a new and entertaining way to play break open tickets featuring bonus Spins and Progressive Jackpots.

• Patent pending 25 Line Hot Swap

• Free Spins Feature

• Re-spin Feature for Free Spins

• 3X Multiplier in Free Spins

Classic Sevens:

• Single Line Nudge

• Free Spins Feature

• Wild Reel During Free Spins

Snake Eyes:

• Single Line Nudge

• Pick Bonus Game

• Dice Roll Multiplier for Bonus

Pedro’s Hot Tamales:

• Single Line Nudge

• Free Spins Feature

• 3 Paylines in Free Spins

• Pick Bonus Game

All Five Games Have:

• Configurable Progressive

• Big Win Tally Animation

• Configurable Reel Spin or Shutter

Why should you Choose Pennsylvania Skills?

Pinball game Machines and diamond skill games are available for hire in the USA at Pennsylvania skills. Our devices are regarded as the most reliable skill-gaming technology produced in the USA. Whether it’s for pinball machines for sale, games for restaurants, slot machines for bars, or games for the lounge, we are acknowledged as a leading distributor in the USA. We offer gaming experiences that can significantly raise customer happiness and help you grow your business.

Our experience in product evolution spans more than ten years. Across the country, we have successfully delivered pinball machines to a range of industries, including owners of pizzerias, restaurants, gas stations, and grocery shops.

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