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Banilla games present to you an exotic range of skill-based gaming devices like the SKYRISER device or the game-ready ice machine featuring FIVE new and unusual game themes. The Forbidden Temple, Tarzan, Pinata Party, Buffalo of the Great are some of the top examples.

The two free-floating monitors and unique stature require customer attention without expanding the footprint of a standard-size cabinet. Our innovative design lets the top monitor drop for transportation and relocation quickly via any doorway. An inner subwoofer boosts its bonus audio system that delivers an impactful venture like no other in our industry. At the core of SKYRISERis a label, fully updated board employing a custom GTX-1650 illustrations card that makes a visually superior gaming collection.


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Banilla Games– The board, nudging, skill, redemption, and entertainment game industries are all served by Banilla Games, Inc.’s product development, design, and distribution activities. We have been able to invest significantly in bringing new hardware and technology to existing markets that were utilizing antiquated and inefficient equipment because to recent favorable legislative changes.

They take great pride in offering their customers premium products and first-rate customer service. They think that assisting their clients in growing their businesses is the best way for them to grow their own. By introducing the customers to new markets and assisting them in establishing and expanding within their current markets, they have been successful in doing this.


 The largest step in the industry toward providing a whole Vegas-style gaming experience to the COAM market is “SKYRISER” by Banilla Games. A 24″ 1080p Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP) games monitor and a 43″ 1080P high-resolution monitor are both featured in the 7 12 foot tall SKYRISER.

Without enlarging the footprint of a conventional size cabinet, these two free-floating displays and SKYRISER’s remarkable stature command attention from viewers. The top monitor on SKYRISER may be conveniently dropped for transportation and relocation via any doorway thanks to its inventive design. A brand-new, completely upgraded board that uses a customized GTX-1650 graphics card to produce a visually outstanding gaming display is at the core of SKYRISER. An inbuilt subwoofer that provides a powerful experience unlike any other in our business serves as the foundation of its premium audio system.

Five brand-new and distinctive game themes—Pinata Party, Buffalo of the Great White Tundra, Gopher Gold, The Forbidden Temple, and Lucky Lobsters—that each make the most of Banilla’s cutting-edge technology and award-winning design are included in the SKYRISER device from Banilla Games.

Players in the exclusive SKYRISER game can gather Wild Coins, which boost their winnings via thrilling new bonus features! Amass more, and you’ll win more!

Each game supports updated board-wide Progressive Wheel Bonuses as well as fully interactive multi-screen features.

Exclusively available from Banilla Games, SKYRISER was created by a group of over 190 passionate and committed workers and is entirely “Made in the USA” in terms of design, graphics, development, and assembly. In our opinion, SKYRISER will not only set new standards for the gaming industry in Georgia, but it will also definitively demonstrate that bigger really is better. 

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